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Wildest Videos And Images From Colorado’s Enormous Hail Storm


Much of the Denver area spent Wednesday under a Tornado Warning and weather reports are predicting heavier storms through Wednesday night, but late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning was when the weather really kicked into gear for Colorado. Hail storms hit several parts of the state with chunks as big as golf balls, covering some roads and yards with what could be mistaken for a decent snowfall.

These images are absolutely mind-blowing. I can pretty clearly remember my first experience with true hail after moving from Maine to Colorado, and that stuff was barely the size of a grape. We didn’t see any hail south of Denver last night, but I’ve made sure to park in the garage tonight in case any more decides to swing through (honestly, part of me wants to see it, just to have that experience).

Gotta love an insane hail storm at 10:30 pm…
by u/Kopparburg in Colorado

Image Credit: Elysez via Twitter

Featured Image Credit: Lindsay Lew via Twitter

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