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Correction: Developers Want To Build Thousands Of Homes In Colorado Ski Community


On May 1st, we published an article titled Developers Want To Build Thousands Of Homes In Colorado Ski Community. It has been brought to our attention that this article contained multiple errors and misstatements. Because of this, we have deleted the original article from our website, and are issuing a public apology to the owners of Granby Ranch Resort.

The first error was the claim that the local government’s metro districts are controlled and run by developers. There is no evidence that any of the Granby Ranch metropolitan districts are “run” by developers, which is proven by public statements online.

The second mistake was the statement that Colorado’s Secretary of State’s Election Division is investigating the developers over potential election law violations due to a complaint from the homeowner’s association. There has been no investigation opened regarding the situation. The homeowner’s association also did not file the complaint.

The third error was the claim that there are nine metro districts in Granby Ranch, as there are actually ten of them.

The fourth error was the accusation that a district candidate, Natascha O’Flaherty, was being monitored by attorneys from the developers at an April virtual meeting with district candidates. The attendance of the attorneys of developers in the meeting is no different than any other individual with an interest in the community. A quote in the article from Natashca O’Flaherty lacked context regarding her full statement, as the quote made it seem like Natascha said that the developers authorized the debt (they didn’t).

The fifth error regarded the claim that the homeowners association filed a lawsuit back in 2020 regarding the ownership of public amenities. The following quote: “This lawsuit started back in 2020, as it was previously agreed upon that the Headwaters District would eventually make the amenities publicly owned,” was inaccurate.

The sixth error brought to our attention was the claim that five voters in most of the metro districts are developers, which is an inaccurate statement.

Much of the reporting from our article came from Sky-Hi News, who have also retracted their article and issued an apology to Granby Ranch Resort.

The May 1st article is not to our level of editorial standards of accuracy, and it should not have been published. We here at Unofficial Networks apologize to GR Terra LLC, GRCO LLC, and Bob and David Glarner, who are the owners of Granby Ranch Resort, and to our readers, for the errors made in our article, and pledge to do better in the future.

This article was originally published by Unofficialnetworks.com. Read the original article here.


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