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Avalanche Experience Inspires Tahoe Man To Start Sustainable Gear Company


Nature’s Keeper is one of the newest ski gear companies on the market, starting just a few years ago in the summer of 2021. Like many companies, it was founded on a desire for a specific product. Unlike many companies, the idea came from  near death avalanche experience.

According to the Tahoe Daily Tribune, founder Zain Ali triggered an avalanche while on a cat skiing trip in 2020. The slide took him through trees and cliffs, dropping 2,500 feet while reaching 55mph speeds. Fortunately, Zane pulled his avalanche airbag and was able to stay above the falling snow.  A clip of that incident is featured in one of the company’s promotional videos.

If the need for reliable outdoor gear wasn’t clear to Zane before that experience, it certainly was after. Thus, in 2021, he founded Nature’s Keeper, a company dedicated to creating solid gear with upcycling, recycled materials, and a multitude of other sustainable practices.

Heading over to their online shop will show you their commonly available products, focusing mostly on shirts, sweatshirts, and some pretty sweet hats. But the real juice of the company comes from their custom backcountry packs.

The packs, designed for both skiers and snowboarders, are made with a waterproof cordura, available in multiple colors. A specific pocket for your beacon, shovel, probe, and first aid is easily accessible for those terrifying emergencies, and the internals of the bag feature multiple pockets for tools, sunglasses, your phone, and much more.

The bag allows for both an A-frame and a solid configuration with skis or a snowboard on the back, so you don’t have to worry about where you’re going to put you’re gear on those steeper uphills, snowless entires, and snowmobile rides. Most notably, the bag comes with a lifetime warranty, so damage won’t be ruining any of your trips.

If you’re interested in ordering a bag, you can join the waitlist today. It might take a few months before you actually see the bag at your door, so if you want it by next winter, you better act fast!

Image Credit: zain & Nature’s Keeper via Instagram

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