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WATCH: Should You Make A Ski Trip To Chile Or Argentina?


If you haven’t quite gotten rid of your skiing bug yet, you’ve still got some time to book a flight to South America. This video from YouTuber SkiBoyNY breaks down the pros and cons of skiing in Chile and Argentina.

The video primarily focuses on comparisons between Valle Nevado in Chile and Cerro Catedral in Argentina. The guide covers the plane travel there from the States, the potential layover cities, comparing the skiable terrain, the lifts, and nearby/on-site accommodations.

One correction that was made by a commenter is that there is now connecting flight from Ezeiza to the airport near Valle Nevado, which there wasn’t when SkiBoyNY made his trip. This resulted in him having to make an hour’s drive to another airport in Buenos Aires, so it may be something to keep an eye on if you plan on going to Argentina. Still, this is a great guide for those who want to make a bucket list ski trip to South America.

SkiBoy’s guide is down below, and I’ve also attached a video he just posted about the skiing experience at Valle Nevado.

[embedded content]
[embedded content]

Image/Video Credits: SkiBoyNY

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