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WATCH: Vintage Canadian Ski Resort Commercial


Finding vintage ski resort ads are pretty rare, so it’s cool when one pops up on the internet. In 1996, Ski Vorlage in Quebec, Canada released an ad promoting their ski school and night skiing. The vintage video, which was recently shared by YouTuber Bargain Bin Cinema, is a quick thirty-second promotion that showcases the competitive advantages of the ski resort.

There are a few cool things I noticed from the ad. The first is that in spite of Ski Vorlage being in Quebec, whose citizens primarily speak French, the ad is in English. The reason why they use English in the ad is that it’s only 25 minutes from downtown Ottawa, which primarily speaks English. Some Quebec ski resort marketing teams communicate in French primarily, so I thought that was an interesting diversion.

There’s also the catchy jingle. The jingle at the end isn’t as catchy as the Water Country one, but it’s a decent tune.

The video from Bargain Bin Cinema is below. 

[embedded content]

Image/Video Credits: Bargain Bin Cinema, Ski Vorlage

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