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WATCH: The Best Telemark Film Competition Of The Year


Ladies and gentlemen, the votes are in, the judges have spoken, and the wait has ended. The King’s and Queen’s of the Heel have been decided. What is the King’s and Queen’s of the Heel, you may ask? Simple. It’s a competition dedicated solely to telemark skiing and telemark skiing edits. Is telemark skiing still pretty lame? Absolutely, but these athletes show us that it’s possible to look incredibly lame and incredibly sick at the same time.

Jokes aside, the entire contest gathered some super sweet edits, and whether or not you tele yourself, you should check them out and share the love.

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f you don’t know how the competition works, competitors earned points through a G.N.A.R. like game specific to telemark skiing, with points awarded for things as simple as dropping a knee on a green run and tele skiing at night to things as crazy as getting a telemark tattoo and eating a pint glass worth of pickled herrings on your way to the mountain. Honestly, it’s just all a ton of fun to see.

The Blade Brigade were named the 2023 Kings and Queens for their remarkable collection of points, but the Rocky Mountain Tele Mommies won the hearts of the people, taking the #WECARE award with their sweet edit.

Make sure to head over to the Tele Colorado website to check out the rest of the edits. They’re all a great watch. Also, maybe give telemark skiing a shot. I’ve been thinking about trying to find a setup myself, despite how much I like to make fun of the sport.

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Image Credit: Tele Colo via YouTube

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