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WATCH: Surfing Frigid 15 Foot Waves Off The Coast Of Alaska


I always thought the people who surfed on the coast of Maine in the middle of the winter were a bit crazy, but I’ve never really considered the people trying to surf the coast of Alaska…

Ben Gravy is definitely a bit crazy, but that doesn’t mean this video isn’t super cool. I can’t even begin to imagine how brutally cold that water is, but these guys don’t really seem to care. The same guy also surfed some pretty good sized waves caused by a calving just a few weeks ago, so… yeah.

“So far the normal Alaskan ocean surf forecast has been pretty quiet, until today. After a pretty bumpy journey we found ourselves in a Fjord & starting hearing the seas climbing quick. 9 foot seas, 11 foot seas & eventually we heard the claim 15 foot seas over the weather radio. I was absolutely stoking, but really didn’t know what to expect. After some searching we pulled up to some pretty awesome head high right hand peelers. We got into some trouble, but everyone ended up alright & we ended up scoring the best ocean waves of the trip so far! FOR THE DREAM!” Ben Gravy

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Image Credit: Ben Gravy via YouTube

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