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WATCH: Jonny Moseley Rips Gorgeous Ski Ballet Run


If I could revive one dead ski discipline, it would be ski ballet. Very few activities match the beauty and fluidity of the old freeride discipline (moguls, maybe), and it was ~definitely~ cooler than the gymnastics we see in the parks today.

One retired professional freestyle skier, fortunately, seems to agree with the need to bring it back, going so far as to call out Maine’s finest athlete Donny Pelletier in a social media post.

It’s not incredibly surprising to see Jonny Moseley crushing some ballet flips on the mountain, but it’s still a great way to start a great day.

I might be wrong here, but that looks a lot like Donny Pelletier watching in the background. Based on his comment, “frig is wrong with you?!”, it seems like the Mainer isn’t quite supportive of the ski ballet discipline. Maybe with some convincing, though, well some some funky twists and flips from the hard-hat wearing mogul god.

Image Credit: Jonny Moseley via Instagram

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