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Killington’s Planned Village Achieves Next Step Needed For Construction


Back in March, voters in the town of Killington, Vermont approved Article Five, which is a mix of infrastructure improvements that set the stage for a new base village. The next step in the process was the sale of this land to the real estate development companies, Great Gulf and SP Land Co. According to the Mountain Times, Great Gulf and SP Land Co. finalized the purchase and sales agreement for the land that will become the Six Peaks Village. The land was purchased by them for $43 million on May 3rd.

Michael Sneyd, President of the Resort Residential Division of Great Gulf, described his excitement for the development:

“We have had the pleasure of meeting many of the Killington townspeople over the past months which confirmed that this was the perfect community to realize our passion and vision for this project. This is indeed an important milestone that we have achieved collectively and are proud and excited to make Killington one of the premiere locations in North America.”

The Act 250 permit approves Killington to add 239 housing units and 32,000 square feet of commercial space. This could eventually grow to 2,107 housing units and 169,000 square feet of additional retail development.

“The village will be a hub of activity,” said Mike Solimano, the President and General Manager of Killington Resort. “Whether it’s something like ice skating or concerts, this will give people in the area a great place [to] come together and hang out, not to mention improving the availability of real estate and infrastructure in the Killington region.”

The base village would replace the lodges over at Snowshed and Ramshead with new ones. Other parts of the village would include a skier beach (eliminating the need to go under a tunnel to access the two terrain pods), shops, restaurants, galleries, a village green, and a ski plaza. A golf course and a water park could also eventually be added. As part of the development, a 250-300 employee housing unit is also planned to be built in the town.

Work on the water infrastructure is planned to begin this summer. The sale of the housing units is projected to begin during the 2023-24 season. In the meantime, the Superstar Glacier is stayin’ alive.

Image Credits: Six Peaks Killington, Killington Resort

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