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Snowshoe Mountain Resort Begins Work On New Chairlift


It’s ironically been a snowy start to the offseason for Snowshoe Mountain Resort after an up-and-down 2022-23 season. I mean, it almost looks like heaven out there.

In spite of this snow, the Bike Park is set to open on May 18th, and they’ve begun work on a pivotal chairlift replacement.

The Powder Monkey chairlift, which was installed back in 1977, is currently being removed. Its replacement will be a fixed-grip quad chairlift from Skytrac and Leitner-Poma. This new lift will have a larger capacity compared to its predecessor, reduce congestion in the Basin terrain pod, and provide an easier means of access to the Western Territory. This will be the first new chairlift at Snowshoe since 2006 and is expected to open during the 2023-24 season.

On Tuesday, they gave a construction update for the Powder Monkey replacement. So far, the chairs, haul rope, and top/bottom bull wheels have been removed. The disassembly of the top and bottom terminals has also been completed.

The remaining pieces of the chairlift got a snowy sendoff from mother nature.

If you’re interested in purchasing one of the old Powder Monkey chairs, they will auction off twenty-five of them. People have to put in a minimum bid of $400, with the top 25 bids winning a chair. The proceeds will go to the Snowshoe Foundation, which aims to elevate the quality of life for residents within the Central West Virginia communities of Pocahontas, Randolph, and Webster Counties.” You can place a bid for a chair here.

Image Credits: Snowshoe Mountain Resort

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