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Heavy Rainfall Washes Out Sections Of Mt. Washington Auto Road


New Hampshire has seen a lot of snowfall over the past couple of days. This resulted in a Special Avalanche Bulletin from the Mt. Washington Avalanche Center. This snowmelt means that one of the most popular tourist attractions in the state, the Mt. Washington Auto Road, begins preparation for operations, which typically begin in May. The road isn’t open to the public in the winter due to the snow, although they do host some guided snowcoach tours during the winter.

Unfortunately, melting snowfall and heavy rain don’t bode well for a paved road on a steep mountain. Monday’s heavy rainfall made sections of the Mt. Washington Auto Road wash out, leading to ginormous potholes. The biggest damage came 1.6 miles away from the summit, which is also known as the 6-mile park marker.

They’re going to need some Flex Seal to fix that mess. If your car/truck can make it up the road right now, you definitely have earned that bumper sticker. The good news is that repairs are already underway, with an expected reopening in the middle of May. You can check out some photos of the damage below.

Image Credits: Mt. Washington Auto Road

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