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WATCH: Tour Of Abandoned Penyslvania Ski Resort


They’re a plethora of abandoned ski areas in the Northeast. One of these lost ski areas is Apple Hill in Pennsylvania. The ski area operated from 1962-78,  had 4-5 trails, and multiple surface lifts (t-bar and a few rope tows). The peak elevation was 652 feet, and it had a vertical drop of around 210-220 feet.

Last week, YouTuber @jeffgrantmedia reuploaded a video tour of the abandoned ski area from 2017. The tour mostly focuses on the base lodge but he does briefly go outside to explore the ski area. The video from Jeff Grant is below. Another great video tour of Apple Hill from Avery Zucco, which covers the mountain, is also included below.

[embedded content]
[embedded content]

Image/Video Credits: @jeffgrantmedia, Avery Zucco

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