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Inbounds Avalanche Triggered At Alberta Ski Resort


“Today, April 29th, at 12:55 pm, a size 2 avalanche on Goat’s Eye on the run Mother In Law was reported to Dispatch. Our team in conjunction with Parks Canada’s visitor safety staff cleared the scene confirming no burials. Due to unseasonably warm weather, with limited overnight recovery in bound avalanche closures may be in effect. We ask all guests to continue to respect any and all terrain closures.”
A warm snap in Alberta led to an inbounds avalanche over the weekend at Sunshine Village Ski Resort near Banff, Alta. CBC reports the resort caught the slide on camera and did not see anyone in the vicinity but conducted a thorough search of the area anyway with the help of an avalanche dog.  The slide was Class 2 (large enough to bury/kill a person)
Resort officials are urging skiers and snowboarders to obey signs marking areas closed due to avalanche concerns. Much of the mountains across Alberta and BC are currently under a special avalanche warning. Resorts are doing their part to keep guests safe and those traveling in the backcountry are advised to be extremely cautious and stick to simple, low-angle terrain.

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