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Projected Closing Dates For Ski Resorts In The Northeast


Killington spring

Killington spring

We’re quickly approaching the final boarding call in the Northeast. The remaining ski resorts are surviving on man-made snow, with many trying to make it to May, and one of them aims to get back to June for the second year in a row.

The list of the remaining ski resorts open in the Northeast is below. The information for the Quebec ski resorts comes from blogger Ski Mad World, who compiles a list of the remaining ski resorts in the Northeast each year. This starts in Late March, which is extremely impressive considering that he charts ski resorts in the Canadian provinces as well. For more information as to how the late-season players have compared to prior seasons, check out SkiMadWorld’s latest blog post here.


  • Sugarloaf: May 1st.

New Jersey

  • Big SNOW American Dream: Open year-round.


  • Vallée Bleue: April 29 (Only open tomorrow, then closed for the season).
  • Miller: TBD (Open this weekend, will be open weekends only afterward).
  • Sommet St-Sauveur: May 22nd (Open Friday to Sunday).


  • Jay Peak: Daily through April 30th. Reopening on May 6th, with a closing date of May 7th.
  • Killington: Open daily through May 1st. After that, the Beast will be open Friday through Sunday during the month of May. They will see how long the Superstar Glacier lasts, with June skiing being possible.
  • Sugarbush: Friday through Sunday until May 7th.

Image Credits: Ian Wood, Jay Peak Resort

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