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This Suspension System Could Change The Electric Longboard Industry


We’ve seen electric longboards with suspension in the past, it’s not an entirely new thing.  The idea of a universal suspension designed to be compatible with nearly any electric longboard you can think of, however, is completely new to us!

The Shocbox board system, made by shocboardsystems, is compatible with any electric longboard that has double kingpin trucks and features independent torsion springs that allow for 40mm of travel on each wheel. The same company is set to sell their adjustable Trick-Stick alongside the Shocbox, a handle that attaches to the truck base plate. The Trick-Stick is almost like an extremely minimalistic binding, allowing riders to gain more control over the entire board.

As of now, neither the Shocbox nor the Trick-Stick are available for purchase, but they are likely coming fairly soon. I just hope this product remains rather cheap. If they wind up charging several hundred dollars just for the suspension, I think I would rather just stick with a regular longboard (or just buy an electric longboard with suspensions built in). That said, if you already have an electric longboard and are trying to smooth out the ride, the Shocbox could be exactly the thing you need!

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Image Credit: shocboardsystems via Instagram

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