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Bode Miller Announces Partnership With 500-Year Dome Home Startup Company


The housing crisis in mountain communities has grabbed the attention of one best American ski racers ever. Bode Miller announced on Monday that he is partnering with Geoship in order to make living in mountain towns more accessible to the middle class.

Geoship is a bioceramic dome that’s intended to become an affordable natural home. The homes currently cost around $33,000 for an 18-foot dome and $110,000 for an 1100-square-foot dome, but they are aiming to reduce these prices drastically as production increases. Some home setups could include multiple interconnected domes for families, and they want to create villages with these homes.

They are built out of ecologically friendly chemically bonded and natural ceramic materials and are built by injection molding. The domes are supposedly resistant to wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters that are bound to make our planet a living dystopian hellscape within the next few decades. The homes supposably have a design life of 500 years because it doesn’t burn or rot, and have a 90% smaller carbon footprint compared to a conventional home. The first dome is located in Nevada City, California, and Forbes reports that they’ve gotten over 10,000 pre-orders.

Bode Miller is working on various business endeavors, which include Peak Skis, and Alpine-X, so it’s cool to see him continue to add to his portfolio.

It sounds like Geoship is in the prototype and investment phase of its buildout, so I’m curious to see if their ambitious goals come to fruition. It would be cool to see a few of these happen in places like Big Sky, Jackson, Lake Tahoe, Vail, and other destinations that need something more housing. There is clearly a need for tiny home development in mountain towns. Let’s just hope NIMBYs don’t get in the way.

Image Credits: Bode Miller, Geoship

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