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WATCH: Only 67 Of These RV BEASTS Were Ever Manufactured


Every time I see another dope mobile tiny home/RV I come closer to buying one for myself and hitting the road. This Revcon 4×4 Trailblazer RV is apparently one of only 67 ever manufactured, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t sweet.

The Revcon’s owner, J.P. (@travelingwithjp on Instagram) has lived a sort of nomad life for 24 years. He began with just a backpack, moving onto a motorcycle and then into his first RV around 10 years ago. Finally, the Revcon 4×4 Trailblazer came just around a year ago, and he’s been in it since.

This thing would certainly be a beast to handle on some of the more intense mountain passes, but it would be such a killer vehicle for those long ski road trips that we all wish we were doing. With the solar panels, wet bath, nice bed, and solid kitchen, I think there are plenty of people who would be very willing to live in something like this for a long period of time.

How about, instead of making monstrous trucks, some auto manufacturers start focusing on putting together stuff like this? If something like this came up for sale and I had the means to get my hands on it, I’d do so with very little hesitation.

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Image Credit: Tiny Home Tours via YouTube

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