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WATCH: Learning How To Ski In South Africa


Booking an entire trip just to ski or snowboard can be pretty intimidating for newcomers in the sport. What if they hate it after day one? What if they just can’t figure it out? What if they decide it just isn’t for them, but they’ve already spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a trip dedicated to getting on the snow?

Of course, this problem becomes worse and worse the further you are from the mountains. People in South Africa, for example, where there’s really only a few resorts, might have to book a whole trip to Europe just to get on the snow, and if they don’t like it, they might be kind of stuck (not that being stuck in Europe is much of a bad thing).

The Ski Deck in Ferndale offers a shortcut for those planning a trip, allowing individuals to learn how to strap into their skis and make a few turns before even considering flights to Switzerland. Some of you who grew up near the mountains might find this a bit silly, but it’s definitely a nice alternative to going on a week long trip just to get your pizza down!

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Image Credit: SABC News via YouTube

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