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WATCH: Brooks Curran Has Been Sending It This Spring


Brooks Curran is one of the best skiers in New England, and is known for making the gnarliest lines look like a piece of cake. You may remember him from that Mad River Glen run that featured him shredding more grass and dirt than snow. In spite of the snow in New England melting fast this spring, he’s still finding some impressive lines.

One of his best runs from this spring comes from a couple of weeks ago on the Chute at Tuckerman Ravine. It was warm up there, which led to soft snow and sweet turns.

Over at Stowe’s closing weekend, he decided to shred more grass than snow over on the Lift Line trail at Stowe. One commenter called him the Candide Thovex of the Green Mountains, and I concur.

During this past weekend, Brooks shredded a line off of Mt. Washington. He had to get past some rocks and bushes to reach the quality turns, but it looked like it was worth it. If you’re looking to see some more impressive East Coast sends, give him a follow.

Image/Video Credits: Brooks Curran

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