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Could The Gotoski Could Revolutionize Adaptive Skiing?


Adaptive skiing programs are always incredible. The people who run them, the instructors, the guides, and the skiers themselves are some of the greatest, if not the greatest, people in the ski industry. It’s always great, then, to see new tech specifically designed for adapting skiing.

For people with disabilities who can stand for at least 30 seconds, the Gotoski, from Snowskut, has the potential to be a pretty incredible device. The Gotoski looks very much like a ski scooter, allowing those who struggle to stand for long periods of time to put most of their weight on the handlebars. In theory, those with disabilities would be able to ski pretty similarly to able-bodied individuals after some time working closely with an assistant.

The Gotoski comes in two models, the Standard and the Synchro. The Standard option is available in a junior and an adult size, and it allows for riders to control their feet with their hands. The Synchro option is a bit more intense, pushing for the synchronization of skiing eight necessary movements. The Synchro model comes in a baby, junior, and adult size, and is recommended for those with more restricted mobility.

At least one day of training is recommended for those interested in getting started with the Gotoski, but it doesn’t appear to be available in the United States quite yet. Currently, its price is listed as 2900€ for the adult model.

Hopefully we get to see this in North America sometime soon! A device like this could make learning how to ski a lot easier for everyone, not just those with disabilities. Also, if you’re worried about it fitting on lifts, the website assures customers that it works on most French ski lifts, so I can’t imagine it being a problem on lifts in the U.S.. If those ski bikes can get on a lift, this thing definitely can.

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