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WATCH: The History Of A Lost Alberta Ski Resort (Closed Since 2003)


One of the closest ski resorts to Calgary, Alberta has been closed since the early 2000s, yet its base lodge is still used as a clubhouse for a golf course. How did this happen?

Skier72 created another gem in his Lost Ski Areas series, with this one focusing on Wintergreen, also known as Lyon Mountain, in Alberta. It was created by Bob Lyon, who sold his successful automobile business to try to create a ski resort close to one of Canada’s biggest cities.

The ski area had twelve trails, and considered future expansion for decades. In terms of lifts, they had a Mueller double chairlift to the summit, a Mueller quad chairlift, 2 Muller T-Bars, one magic carpet, and one rope tow.

Skier72’s video, which is down below, breaks down the history of the ski resort, the owners after Bob Lyon, what led to its decline, the revival attempts, and the topography of Wintergreen.

Bizarrely, the Resorts of the Canadian Rockies still owns the ski resort and operates a golf course there, using the old lodge as a clubhouse.  You can check more episodes of his Lost Ski Areas series here.

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Image/Video Credits: Skier72, Skimap.org

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