Two More People Die on Mont Blanc


They were ski touring when a bloc of ice collapsed above them. The authorities say there were 40 people on the route so it could have been much worse. NEW

The accident happened on Wednesday between 4am and 5am on the classic Grands Mulets ski route, the French publication Montagnes reported.

It was the result of a serac collapse.

Sera’s are large blocks of ice that beak away and are extremely difficult to forecast.

As temperatures rise the ice become more unstable.

“The balance sheet is two people dead, 1 lightly injured and 4 uninjured”, said the prefecture.

According to the press release issued by La Chamoniarde, “the results could have been heavier with around forty people on the route.”

“We remind climbers that the itinerary of the plateaus is highly exposed to the falls of seracs,” the Chamoniarde added.

“The only way to protect yourself from it is not to expose yourself to it.”

Aiguille du Midi, Chamonix. Image © PlanetSKI

Mont Blanc, France. Image © PlanetSKI

It is the latest in a series of fatal incidents in the Mont Blanc Massif in recent weeks.

Six people died in a huge avalanche above Les Contamines-St Gervais.

PlanetSKI was in the area at the time and reported first hand.

On April 13th three Italian climbers died:

The identities of the people who died in the latests accident have not been released and an investigation is underway.

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