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Ingenious “Wind Turbine Wall” Could Power Your Entire Home



We are all familiar with traditional wind turbines. They are often found in remote areas sitting on bare ridgelines or near the coast where the wind is consistently strong. Entrepreneur Joe Doucet has developed an incredible “wind turbine wall” that could work wonders in urban environments.

The wall features a grid of independent axes with square panes that spin. The current iteration is a 25’x8′ wall with 25 axes. This makes it an excellent option for urban environments where space is limited. According to an article in Fast Company, one of these walls should be enough to provide 10,000-kilowatts of electricity per year. This is enough electricity to cover the needs of an average household.

Doucet is thinking big with this project. His vision is to use larger-scale wind turbine walls on the side of buildings and along highways. It is easy to build a wind turbine wall on a larger scale. The challenge is using materials to keep the weight down as to not put too much strain on the structure it is mounted on.

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Images From: Joe Doucet Website

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