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Bode Miller’s 3-Year-OId Twins Are The Youngest To Ski 100 Days In A Single Season


Who better to become the youngest person to ski 100 days in a single season than Bode Miller‘s kid? Even better, why not make it Bode Miller’s twins?

Askel and Asher Miller, both three-years-old, likely became the youngest to complete the feat this past season. According to Explore Big Sky, Miller’s wife, Morgan Beck, got the idea after seeing their friends set the record with four-year-old fraternal twins.

After reaching 76 days last season, only to be stopped by a family-wide covid case, the Miller twins began their second quest for 100 on November 28. A season at mostly Big Sky and the Yellowstone Club brought the twins to the finish line by April 6.

“Starting this young sets them up for success in other things in life. They learn that they can do hard things. Even though it’s uncomfortable, and even though it’s challenging, they can do it.” – Morgan Beck

“If there’s one thing I can do as a parent it’s to instill that in my kids, like, be tough. Don’t freak out. And skiing teaches that.” – Bode Miller

Congrats to Bode, Morgan, and, most importantly, the twins on this feat! The most important thing, of course, is that they had fun with it, and it certainly seems like they had an absolute blast!

Image Credit: Aksel and Asher Miller via Instagram

Featured Image Credit: Bode Miller via Instagram

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