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WATCH: Inside The 12 Foot Hole That Devoured A Snowboarder On Tuckerman Ravine


At this point, you’ve probably already seen the wild video of Austin Hart falling into a waterfall at Tuckerman Ravine. You’ve probably even seen the video of the crowd going wild as Hart successfully climbs out of the near 12 foot deep waterfall.

Fortunately, Austin was fine after taking the fall and climbing his way out. So fine, in fact, that he found time to turn around and give us a little peak into the near 12 foot deep hole.

It seems like Tuckerman season has been firing a little too hard these past few days. I swear I saw at least four or five clips of pretty harrowing crashes from just one day up on Mount Washington. Remember, if you’re going to make the climb, plan ahead and no what you’re doing. Here’s a little info on late season hazards up on the mountain, in case you need a refresher.

Image Credit: SkiTheYeast via Instagram

Featured Image Credit: The Out Of Collective via Twitter

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