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One Third Of Skiers And Snowboarders Overestimate How Often They’ll Ride


We all know the feeling at the end of the season, when the weather is warm, the ski is clear, and the snow is melting, of looking back and wishing we had done more. Maybe you got caught up with work, maybe you partied too much, or maybe you were simply too lazy, but you look at the number of days you skied and think “I could have, I should have, skied a lot more”.

You’ll tell yourself, of course, that you’re going to ski more next year. You’re going to make sure you don’t have to work Fridays, so you can avoid lift lines, you’re going to wake up early and do some backcountry before work, or you’re going to stop going out, so you don’t wind up hungover on your limited Saturdays. Everyone tells themselves that, but how many people actually follow through with it?

As 9News reports, according to a survey conducted by the Langston Co., more than a third of skiers and snowboarders overestimate how many times they’ll get on the mountains in the following season.

“To be clear, ski passes overall are an incredible value to consumers but the important thing to know is consumers need to be realistic about how many days that they will actually ski  in the next season and to not  be overly optimistic or ambitious at this point in time when buying their passes.” – Langston Co. partner Tom Anderson

As an added little bonus, the survey showed that while 87% of snowboarders agree that skiers are friendly (10% remained neutral and 3% disagreed), only 68% of skiers agree that snowboarders are friendly (24% remained neutral and 8% disagreed). On top of that, 25% of skiers see snowboarders as unsafe, while only 14% of snowboarders see skiers as unsafe.

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