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Czech Republic Ski Resort Has A Hotel That Looks Like A Supervillain’s Lair


On paper, Ještěd in Liberec, Czech Republic doesn’t really stand out compared to the many giant European ski resorts. What makes it unique though is what’s located at the summit. Located just above Ještěd’s aerial tram, which is currently closed due to a deadly accident back in 2021, there’s a hotel that looks like it’s a James Bond villain’s lair.

The Tim Traveler did a video analysis of the Hotel Ještěd, which was named the building of the 20th century in the Czech Republic. The hotel was opened back in 1973, following years of political turmoil in Czechoslovakia. Designed by Karel Hubáček, he won the Perret Prize for the futuristic design.

In the video, Tim shows what the rooms and amenities at the hotel are like, the history of the hotel, how political upheaval in the country coincided with the construction, how the designer won the Perret Prize, yet couldn’t travel to Argentina to accept it, and the reconstruction project that has brought it back to its former glory. With a bunch of classic British humor featured throughout, the video will make you go: right, what’s all this then?

The video from The Tim Traveler is below.

[embedded content]

Image/Video Credits: The Tim Traveller, Ještěd

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