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Stevens Pass Announces New Parking Plan For The 2023-24 Season


Stevens Pass in Washington is in the final stages of its 2022-23 season, and it’s been a drastic improvement over last season. One issue they still deal with is traffic and parking congestion, so they’ve developed a new plan to try and improve the situation.

On Thursday, Stevens Pass announced that they’ll be making the A & G parking into carpooling parking for vehicles with four or more people. Lot C will also become a carpool parking when needed. These lots will become carpool parking during weekends, holidays, and powder days.

This does sound like an improvement, but a lot of people on their social media pages were making a valid point as to why they should make the carpool lot for three or more people. Getting four people and all their gear in most cars is very challenging, so it could jam up the remaining lots rather than have people go to the carpooling ones.

Seeing that local feedback has made Stevens Pass improve its standing amongst its guests, so I think that this is a reasonable idea for them to consider. If they don’t adjust though, it’s probably a good time for Seattle-based Epic Pass holders to buy a ski rack for the top of their cars.

The official statement from Stevens Pass is below.

Image Credits: Stevens Pass, Logan Bonwell

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