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Alyeska Resort Opening New Skybridges This Summer


Image Credit: Ralph Kristopher

This summer, Alyeska Resort will be adding a jaw-dropping experience. In July, the Alaska ski resort will open a pair of Skybridges. Located 2500 feet above the valley floor, the bridges will be combined 600 feet in length. The bridges are above the Christmas and New Year’s chutes, which are on Alyeska’s north face. The guided tour will be $150 per person and will last 2-3 hours.

The tour will start by going up the tram, which takes you to the Mighty Mite summit. The guides will then take the participants on a 20-30 minute moderate to steep hike up to the Skybridges. After a safety lesson and putting on a harness and helmet, they’ll make the journey across the Alyeska Mountain, Mighty Mite, and Glacier Bowl mountain peaks. After going across the second bridge, guests will then walk back to the beginning of the sky bridges and then hike back down to the tram.

You can learn more about their new experience here.

Image Credits: Ralph Kristopher (Featured Image), Alyeska Resort

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