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WATCH: Snowbird Ski Patrol Rips DEEP Fresh Turns After 63″ Snow Dump


Ski patrollers are almost definitely the hardest workers on the mountain. While you’re just waking up, enjoying some coffee and strapping on your ski gear, they’re out there making sure the terrain is safe and setting off explosives. While you’re enjoying a beautiful day skiing or snowboarding, they’re waiting to pull you out of any sticky situation you might find yourself in.

The major plus of the job, of course, is that ski patrollers usually get to place fresh tracks on trails long before anyone else. That is part of their work, so, while they might be getting absolutely pitted, they can’t go too crazy. The patrollers in this video, though, seem like they’re enjoying a full blown joy ride.

After a 67 inch snow dump over just 60 hours, PowderchasersLuke Stone caught these Snowbird patrollers ripping through some remarkable deep stuff. Definitely glad to see these guys get some solid laps in after all the insane work they’ve been doing throughout the past few weeks. Shoutout to everyone who’ve worked to keep Snowbird and the rest of the Cottonwood Canyons safe.

“You won’t believe how much snow fell @snowbirdsince Sunday!! 67 inches in 60 hours! If ANYONE deserves to ski it after this insane record breaking season, it’s @snowbirdskipatrol, who has worked tirelessly to give us endless powder days, so enjoy this video of them getting pitted. We didn’t get to ski/ride, but we’re glad they did.”

Image Credit: Luke Stone via Instagram

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