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WATCH: A Day In The Life Of Saddleback’s Ski Patrol


Saddleback has one of the most incredible stories of any ski resorts out there. Closed in 2015 due to a lack of funding, lifts on the Maine ski area remained still for several years. But, on December 15, 2020, visitors were welcomed back to the mountain’s 68 ski runs under new ownership.

That’s an extremely condensed version of the story, and if you want to learn more, I highly encourage you to check out this short film on the entire closure-to-opening process (it’s worth it). The point is, a lot of people have worked together to make sure the lifts continue running at Saddleback, and that includes the non-profit Saddleback Ski Patrol.

If you feel encouraged to support the Ski Patrol after watching this video (or any other time), you can head over to saddlebackmaine.com or shoot them a Venmo at SADDLEBACK-SKIPATROL (support the people who make this incredible sport possible and accessible!)

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Image Credit: Saddleback Maine via YouTube

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