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Rotating Snowboard Disk System Makes Traversing A Breeze


“A sport innovation that will bring you more comfort and better sensations in your snowboarding. Using a remote control located on the wrist, you can remotely lock and unlock the rotation of your front foot.”

Apparently this rotating disk system for snowboards has been out for years but just found out about it today.

The QuickSett system allows snowboarders to adjust their binding 90 degrees on the fly to make traversing a far easier task. Pretty clever if I do say so myself. The adjustment is controlled by a little device users strap to their wrists so you can go from ride to skate mode without bending over. Also quite handy for long lift lines and chairlift rides.

The newest version was launched on KickStarter where it rocketed past its funding goat of €9,361 and raked in €26,461 before the completion of the campaign. If you’re home resort requires a lot of traversing to navigate the $173 seem like a super worthy investment (SHOP HERE)

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The QuickSett is designed and built for snowboarders, especially those with sensitive knees. You can remotely lock and unlock the rotation of your binding on the board, to a cruising position (like skateboarding). Beyond the comfort and relief that the QuickSett provides, it will also improve all the laborious aspects of snowboarding, namely : one foot, the discomfort of the knee on the chairlifts and in queues.

5 Reasons why you’ll love it:

Practicality : thanks to the QuickSett you will be able to be in a similar position to skateboarding and thus cruise on the flats. Helping you in a lot of situations during your ride.

Knee comfort : when standing still, on the flats, or on the chairlift, the snowboarder may experience knee pains due to the twisted position of the knees. Thanks to the unlocking of the rotation of the front foot, the knee will be straight and therefore not under stress.

Switch from an alpine mode to a free mode in a few seconds : thanks to a QuickSett pack X2 you can decide as you wish! Ideal for adjusting its position at any time depending on the conditions.

Relax at the chairlift exit : everyone says that the chairlift exit is often complicated for snowboarders. Thanks to QuickSett, the position of the legs is less contracted and it is therefore easier to move away from the chairlift without having a skier or another snowboarder in the feet.

Innovation : adjust the orientation of your bindings in 3 seconds, with 1 click on your remote control (without any screwdriver). QuickSett is the first connected product in the snowboard industry. Be part of the pioneers who will use our technology.

Here’s a quick demo of the technology: 

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Looks like they were on a French version of Shark Tank: 

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