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Mystery Animal Has Texas Park Rangers Scratching Their Heads


“Captured on game camera – a mystery animal lurking in the Rio Grande Valley! We’re scratching our heads trying to identify this elusive creature. Is it a new species? An escapee from a nearby zoo? Or just a park ranger in disguise?  Regardless, it’s thrilling to see such an incredible animal in its natural habitat. We’ll keep you updated as we continue to investigate this mystery. Have you ever captured a mysterious animal on camera? Share your story in the comments, and let us know what you think this animal is.”

This mystery animal captured on a trail cam Texas had the folks at Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park scratching their heads. Unable to identify the creature, they posted an image of it, asking the public to ring in with possible answers. Over 1.2K comments were made on the post and they think they have it pinned. Take a look, have a guess, find answer below: 

Edit: Wow, this photo has got a lot of attention! We agree with most of the comments that this is very likely an American Badger (not to be confused with the Honey Badger that lives in Africa and Asia and is rumored to not care very much). To clarify, this photo was taken by a park visitor and we do not have an exact location where this photo was taken, except it was indeed in the RGV. While American Badgers are not commonly seen in the valley (partly due to their nocturnal behavior), this is part of their natural range.

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