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VIDEO: Wingsuiter Skims Dam & Narrowly Climbs Over Retaining Wall


“This is Brendan Weinstein, a 29 yr old wingsuit pilot, the mountain Brendan is flying down is Le Pleureur, located in Switzerland, and the dam is called Mauvoisin Dam . Brendan said , he has been making this jump for 2 years with one goal, to build up enough speed, to buzz the lake and fly over the wall of the dam at the end, and it took him 28 flights to figure it all out.”

Incredible footage of wingsuiter Brendan Weinstein skimming the water of Mauvoisin Dam in the Swiss Alps before gaining altitude to climb up and over the retaining wall. It took Brendan 2 years to master the skills needed to pull this off successfully. The follow footage was shot by Nicholas Scalabrino, who trusted Brendan with his life while filming:

“He flies the same arc that I do. When someone flies camera they are bestowing a great deal of trust. If the lead guy makes a mistake, it often in turn has fatal consequences for the person following.”

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