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Could This Vacuum-Insulated Cooler Be The YETI Killer?


A new cooler is coming to town, and if you’re willing to spend the cash, it has the potential to beat out any cooler you’ve owned in the past (even YETIs, dare I say?).

The Oyster Tempo is claiming to be the world’s first performance cooler, aiming to create more space while reducing weight by eliminating the need for ice. The new cooler uses vacuum insulation in a patented system called DLTA, killing the need for thick foam walls and bringing the temperature down faster than your typical bulky cooler. The 1st edition bundle comes with two Oyster brand ice packs, fitting perfectly at the bottom while taking up minimal space.

The Tempo can fit 36 typical cans, plenty for a camping weekend, and has COLD & FROZEN ice packs to essentially create either a portable fridge or freezer. Plus, if something breaks on the cooler or you need to clean the hard to reach areas, you won’t need specialized tools to take it apart. In fact, you won’t need any tools at all, as everything can be removed by simply pulling, pushing, twisting, or turning.

The cooler itself can be easily customized to fit your needs, allowing you to switch between a hard handle and a shoulder strap for ease of transportation. On top of that, the top can be opened on either side or simply removed with two hands, making it plenty easy to grab your drinks.

Best of all, though, if you break your Tempo cooler or scratch it into oblivion and feel like it’s time for a new one, Oyster will do its best to repair anything they can. In situations where repairs simply aren’t possible, they’ll melt it down and make a new one. How’s that for sustainability?

The Tempo Cooler isn’t cheap, currently available through a presale 1st edition bundle for $500 (~$100 less than retail price, according to their website). That said, all those features might just be worth cost!

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