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11-Year-Old Girl Is Already An Unreal Three Sport Star (Snowboard/Surf/Skateboard)


The young athlete is a type that always manages to catch the eyes of the public. Whether they’re skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, or any other extreme sport, it’s always quite incredible to see a full blown child do things most of us never even dream of accomplishing.

11-year-old Patti Zhou takes that idea to the next level. Back in February, the Beijing-born Coloradan took second place in the Dew Tour’s Women’s Snowboard Superpipe at Copper Mountain. She is officially the youngest person to ever hold a spot on a Dew Tour podium.

Patti isn’t just a snowboarder, though. A look at her Instagram page is likely to make your jaw drop. A post made in late March shows her remarkable surfing abilities in a Texas wave pool, and photos show that she kills it on a skate board. In a video leading up to the Dew Tour competition, Zhou credits skateboarding for helping with her snowboarding abilities, but says she sticks to the snow sport because it’s progressing faster.

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This girl could probably excel in competitions for any of the three sports, so I’m glad she’s sticking to snowboarding (snow sports are the best sports). I do wonder how, after training in Colorado for seven years, she managed to become so good at surfing, but I’m not going to get too hung up on it. I just wish I was this good at a single sport!

Featured Image Credit: Copper Mountain via Instagram

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