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Pro Mountain Biker Robbed In Chile ($5,000 Reward For Hard Drives)


Austrian mountain biker Fabio Wibmer was the victim of theft just a few days after landing in South America and he’s offering $5,000 for the return of his hard drives. Fabio is on a filming in Viña del Mar, Chile (northwest of Santiago) when someone broke into his car and jacked a bunch of equipment including a laptop, various cameras, and most importantly the hard drives containing most of the footage he had taken on trip. Not sure what the tally is for all the gear but its the lost footage that stings the most. If you have any information about stolen gear please DM Fabio HERE:

We got robbed today in Chile/Vina del Mar (next to the dunes) and quite some video equipment of us got stolen from the car. What sucks the most is that our hard drives and memory cards are gone where most of our footage from the trip to Chile was on. It‘s super frustrating as we‘ve already filmed some amazing content and we were excited to share it with you guys soon.

The following got stolen:
– Evoc CP 35 L with a red Nineyard tag
– Dji FPV goggles V2 with Nineyard sticker on
– FPV remote
– Macbook Pro 2019
– Canon 24-70mm lens
– Insta 360 Go2
– Insta 360 ONE RS
– Insta 360 X3
– Fuji X-E4 camera
– San Disk SSD hard drive
– Samsung SSD hard drive
– Lacie Hard drive

I thought I‘d give it a try and see if anyone of you either know something or see any of these things getting sold nearby. Chances are small but if there is someone getting us to at least the hard drives we‘ll pay 5.000€ as a reward.

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