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Taos Ski Resort Reopens After Leaky Pipes Force Closure


“We will reopen tomorrow with all lifts spinning except the Rueggli & Gondolita. We have 3 fully functional facilities on-mountain with hot food and restrooms. There will be supplemental food and restrooms in the Resort Center.”

Taos Ski Resort is thankfully reopening today after a closing on April 2nd due to a failure in the Village of Taos Ski Valley’s municipal water distribution system. Leaks in the antiquated pipes resulted in resort not having enough water pressure to safely operate critical guest facilities such as bathrooms and food service. Bummer news though, they close for the season on April 9th so you only have a few more days to ski:

“We will be open tomorrow! Thank you all so much for your patience as we’ve dealt with this unexpected challenge. Regardless of the situation, we want to get you back on the hill to enjoy a few more days of amazing spring skiing/riding. Please make sure to review our FAQs before making the trip up to know what to expect for this weekend.”

Heads up, Taos has lifted all pass restrictions for the final few days so anyone with mid-week or high noon passes can ski this weekend. Spread the word.

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