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WATCH: Keystone Unveils New Trail Map


Lift-serviced skiing is set to debut in the Bergman Bowl next season, so it’s time for Keystone Resort to create a new trail map. In March, Keystone launched a two-part video series describing the design process for creating this new trail map. The first episode dived into passing the trail map brush from James Niehues to Rad Smith.

This second episode focuses on the design process for Keystone’s new trail map. The four-minute video dives into the challenges in creating Keystone’s map due to the ski resort’s geographical features, the artistic methods Rad used to design it, and the finished drawing. We’ll see the fully finished product with the trail names later this year.

The video from Keystone Resort is below.

[embedded content]

Image/Video Credits: Keystone Resort, Rad Smith

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