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WATCH: Inside A $27,900,000 Modern Vail Mega Mansion


“MEGA MANSION Tour! In this weeks mega mansion tour we are out West in rugged Vail, Colorado where I take you on a tour of one of the most unique homes in the area!”

Looking for your next ski-in/ski-out property to spice up your vacations? Maybe this $27,900,000 mansion in Vail is the place for you! This gorgeous house looks deceptively small from its address on Rockledge Road, but a peak inside or a view from the back shows otherwise. With three stacked floors, six bedrooms, nine bathrooms (why you would need that many for a six bedroom house, I don’t know), and 6,112 sq. ft. of space, you certainly won’t feel cramped. The building gives off a very modern look while still managing to provide a warm and home-like feel (I feel like modern houses often feel a bit unwelcoming). What are your thoughts?

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Image Credit: Erik Conover via YouTube

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