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Letter To The Editor: I Want My Taxes To Go Towards Public Ski Areas


Dear Editor of Unofficial,

As winter sports enthusiasts, we are lucky to have access to some of the most spectacular ski resorts in the world. But for many individuals, especially those with limited financial means, access to these resorts can be a challenging proposition. Skiing and snowboarding can be prohibitively expensive, and not everyone has the opportunity to enjoy these winter sports. That’s why I believe that public ski areas funded by taxes are essential for the promotion of winter sports, social inclusion, and a vibrant, healthy community. Here is my case.

Public ski areas are essential for promoting winter sports. These ski areas provide a welcoming and accessible space for all individuals, regardless of their income level. Public ski areas provide an opportunity for individuals to try skiing or snowboarding without worrying about the prohibitive cost of private ski resorts. This means that individuals who may not otherwise have access to these sports can have an opportunity to try them out and potentially develop a lifelong passion for them.

Furthermore, public ski areas can also help develop the next generation of winter sports enthusiasts. By providing affordable access to skiing and snowboarding, public ski areas can encourage young people to get outside, stay active, and develop a lifelong appreciation for the great outdoors. Public ski areas can also provide an opportunity for low-income families to spend quality time together, developing stronger family bonds while also staying active and healthy.

Public ski areas also play a crucial role in promoting social inclusion. Skiing and snowboarding are often seen as exclusive sports, reserved only for the wealthy. Public ski areas provide an opportunity for individuals from all walks of life to come together and enjoy the same winter sports. This can help break down social barriers and foster a sense of community among individuals who may not otherwise interact with each other.

In addition to promoting social inclusion, public ski areas can also help promote economic development. By providing an affordable and accessible ski experience, public ski areas can attract visitors to the area, boosting local businesses and the economy. These ski areas can also create jobs in the local community, helping to support families and stimulate economic growth.

Some may argue that public ski areas are an unnecessary expense, and that individuals should pay for their own skiing experiences. However, we must remember that winter sports are a vital part of our cultural heritage, and they are essential for maintaining a healthy and active population. Public ski areas are a small investment that can yield significant long-term benefits for individuals and communities alike.

It is also important to note that many other countries have successfully implemented public ski areas. In Europe, for example, many public ski areas are funded through a combination of public and private funding, and they have been successful in promoting winter sports, social inclusion, and economic development. If other countries can successfully implement public ski areas, why can’t we?


Michael from Vermont

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