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Did You Know East Coast Ski Conditions Exist On The Moon?


NASA has picked the astronauts for Artemis II, the first crewed moon mission in 50 years, but its unclear whether or not they will be packing skis. If you didn’t already know, NASA has confirmed the moons polar north and south have the same conditions as an east coast ski resort after a warmup and refreeze in January…its straight ice. This is from the NYTIMES:

“It appears that this ice — very muddy ice, mixed with a lot of lunar dust — exists inside craters where direct sunlight does not reach it. The ice could even be a resource for human visitors — perhaps to be used for drinking water, or even to make rocket fuel” or for wicked frigging awesome NASTAR course!

Can you imagine the air you would get with moon gravity…every landing would be splashy.  Cheers to NASA for launching another lunar mission, let us know if you need recommendations for skis.

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