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It’s Time For Hologram Goggles To Make A Much Needed Comeback


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Let’s face it. The world of ski goggles is a bit boring. You essentially have two options: mirrored/colored goggles, or the cheap see-through muddy brown lenses. Sure, the lens color can change and the frame shape/color can change, you get to pick between single lens goggles or interchangeable lens goggles, and, within that category, you have to decide how the lenses will be interchangeable (magnets, pins, or something else), but none of that really screams EXCITING.

Heads-up display is something kind of new, and it could be a neat idea, but it seems like every year a new company pops up claiming they’re going to introduce the technology to goggles and the ski world is going to love it! Come on, the first AR goggles came out and flopped six years ago, let’s give it a rest, we don’t want it.

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So what does the world of ski goggles need? What would reinvigorate the exciting nature of our eye protection? That’s right, I’m talkin’ about HOLOGRAM GOGGLE LENSES.

Back in the 90s, Scott sold several options of these immaculate goggles. The hologram goggles displayed a cool design on the front while, I would assume, allowing you to have a nearly unobstructed line of sight. As far as I can tell, they had aliens, piranhas, maggots, bees, “psycho” eyes, cyborg eyes, and general eyeballs. There may have been more, there may have been less, but based on my own research, that’s what once existed.

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Not much information is available surrounding these museum pieces, but they definitely aren’t made anymore. Most people would probably look at these goggles and be glad that they’re gone. Let’s face it, these are not cool. You won’t look cool if you wear them, they probably don’t protect your eyes from sunlight very well, and you probably can’t see out of them very well. I don’t know why, but I still think they need to make a comeback.

Scott currently sells ’90s edition motocross goggles, focusing on the colors and general feel of the lens and frame. If they can do that, I don’t see why they can’t bring back the hologram lenses. Scott, I’m calling upon you to bring these guys back! Spice up the frame so it looks more modern, work on the technology, and give them to the consumers as a dope limited edition line, or something like that!

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If you’re seriously interested in getting a pair, they occasionally pop up on eBay for some high prices. These guys, for example, are selling for $330.

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Featured Image Credit: eBay/nichla49

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