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VIDEO: 82-Year-Old Olympian Recounts His Youth At Steamboat


It’s always fun to learn about the people who made ski resorts what they are today, whether as a founder, an employee, or simply someone who’s been skiing there since the beginning. Loris “Bugs” Werner is certainly one of those character, born in Steamboat Springs in 1941 (22 years before Steamboat Resort was founded). Werner has also participated in two Winter Olympics for two separate disciplines, the 1964 Austria Olympics as a ski jumping alternative and the 1968 Olympics in France in alpine skiing. If his seniority at the resort doesn’t make him a legend, his Olympic participation certainly does.

“Loris “Bugs” Werner was born in Steamboat Springs in 1941, where true to local custom, he began walking and skiing at the same time. As the third and youngest member of the Werner family of Olympians, Loris recounts that they were “a tight-knit family, heavy on love and light on money,” working together to each pull their share to support their love of skiing.”

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Image Credit: Steamboat Resort via YouTube

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