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Utah To Set Up Sobriety Checkpoints On Ski Slopes Starting Next Season


The legislative body of the state of Utah has made a decision to approve the implementation of sobriety checkpoints on ski slopes at various ski areas across the state, commencing this upcoming season. These checkpoints will be primarily focused on detecting the presence of any form of intoxication in skiers and will involve a series of maneuvers to evaluate their sobriety level.

As per the statement provided by Captain Ron Macchio, a member of the SLC police department, the execution of straightforward tasks, such as standing on one ski while touching one’s nose, will enable law enforcement officers to ascertain the sobriety of skiers in a prompt and efficient manner. Captain Macchio also expressed his approval with the announcement of the sobriety checkpoints, indicating that it has been a long-awaited development, and the implementation of such measures is a welcome addition to the slopes.

In compliance with state law, as stipulated in section 112, article 3 of Utah’s legal code, the location and scheduled date of the sobriety checkpoint must first be made public. To stay informed of all upcoming check points be sure to bookmark this page.

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