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Another Hilarious Trail Sign @ North America’s Steepest Ski Run


Nothing quite convinces me to ski a run like a sign that says something along the lines of ski me if you dare” (that does not include closed signs, I respect ski patrollers and their work, and you should too [plus it’s for your own safety, so don’t be a numbnut and listen to them]).

The ski patrollers at Crested Butte continue to have a killer sense of humor when it comes to the steepest ski trail in North America. The Rambo Trail holds a consistent 55 degree pitch, so falling on it is not recommended (here’s what that looks like). Based on the sign, it’s safe to assume it rarely has the best conditions, either. That said, if there’s one thing that automatically makes my East Coast mind think of good skiing, it’s a combination of rocks, stumps, and what Colorado riders consider bad skiing.

Here’s the view from the bottom of the trail, in case anyone was wondering if it really is stumpy and rocky:

Image Credit: Drew Petersen via Instagram

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