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WATCH: Comparing The Cannabis Industry To The Early Years Of Snowboarding


Despite being legal in a large number of states across the country, cannabis is still a fairly new concept to a lot of people. While it’s been accepted and welcomed by many, there are plenty of those who still want to see it criminalized. In a way, the legalization and growth of the cannabis industry could be compared to that of the snowboard industry, and that’s the argument Rusty Wilenkin tries to make through his TEDx Talk, Finding Opportunity in Stigma.

Obviously there are some pretty major differences between the legalization of snowboard and cannabis, but it’s still interesting to see how a major leader in the cannabis industry (Rusty is the CEO of Old Pal Cannabis) compares his work to that of Jake Burton.

“Focusing on the initial phases of two major industries of the United States, this talk highlights the trials, tribulations, and ultimate rewards of working in an innovative field. Rusty Wilenkin was a co-founder during the origins of Old Pal in 2018. He and co-founder Jason Osni realized that since the legalization of cannabis in California, there was a huge segment missing in the cannabis market for accessible cannabis.”

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Image Credit: TEDx Talks via YouTube

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