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Montana Snowbowl Apologizes For Chairlift Malfunction


The situation at the Montana Snowbowl is pretty bad right now.

Earlier this month, one of the Snowpark chairs slammed into a lift tower, throwing a toddler off, and then destroying the chair, making the kid’s father hang on for his life and eventually jump off. Both were ok, but the father was furious over the lack of communication from management, lift operations, and ski patrol. Since then, it has become known that the Snowpark chairs swinging into the lift tower is quite common.  The owner of Montana Snowbowl, Brad Morris, did apologize for the incident, but they didn’t reveal any info about the incident to their social media followers.

Eleven days later, the Montana Snowbowl finally released a public statement. They apologized and said safety is paramount to them. The Snowpark chairlift is closed until they can make modifications to run the lift safely.

A major issue for the Snowbowl is guests feel in the dark due to a lack of communication. They don’t announce lift closures and their social media communication is minimal. They usually only post a snow report on their social media pages occasionally. Many on their social media channels are annoyed that it took them eleven days to make a public statement, and also allege that they’ve experienced the Snowpark chair ramming into the lift towers.

Image Credits: The Missoulian, Montana Snowbowl

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