Dramatic Video of Snowboarder Rescued After Being Buried in Tree Well


The incident happened at Mt Baker in Washington state in the USA. A passing skier rescued a man who was fully buried and set to die. NEW

Francis Zuber, was skiing in deep powder when he saw a snowboard sticking out of the snow by a tree.

Ian Steger was buried upside down in 6 feet of snow, so without assistance he would never have been able to survive.

See here for the rescue:

[embedded content]

“The mountains don’t care how much skill or experience you have. They don’t even care if you and your ski partners are doing everything right,” Zuber wrote online.

He advised those hitting the slopes to take an avalanche training course to learn how to survive these types of situations.

“I’m thankful I knew just enough to scrape by and perform a successful rescue,” Zuber said. “And always look out for each other out there.”

There has been huge reaction on social media and praise for the calm and professional response of Francis Zuber to the situation.

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