We’re Backing Paltrow!


The Hollywood actress, who is involved in a ski collision court case in Deer Valley Utah, has been ridiculed after she bemoaned losing half a day of skiing due to the incident. Time on snow is irreplaceable in our view and should never be underestimated.

In PlanetSKI’s view losing any ski time is a felony.

Whatever a felony is.

Ms Paltrow is now a champion of ‘anytime not on snow is a loss’.

Hard to argue with that view in our view.

Those that limit it should perhaps be recognised for their misdeamenors.

This clip from the court case has gone viral:

[embedded content]

Some are laughing at her.

Well, not us at PlanetSKI and we are championing her cause.

The loss of half a day’s skiing is most definitely a very serious matter – the cost of a lift pass for a multi-millionaire or not.

See here for our earlier preview report on proceedings:

What’s your view?

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And if you want  a bit more of the court action:

[embedded content]

Fancy anymore?

We thought you might:

[embedded content]

But our interest on the case is on a more serious issue – collisions on the ski slopes – therefore we have not been following the court case blow by blow with all the celebrity tittle-tattle.

Whatever the right and wrongs of this individual incident people crashing into each other on the slopes is becoming more of an issue, as we have reported earlier.

We are looking at the important issue of collisions on the slopes, the rules, what speeds are safe, how much responsibility people have and the concentration levels requires.

We will also look at what can be done to improve the situation once the outcome of the court case is known.

The case will hinge on which skier was uphill at the time of the accident.

Skiers ahead or downhill have the right of way.

Well, we haven’t been following the tittle-tattle until now…

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